Financial expertise with a personal touch



Financial expertise with a personal touch



Welcome to Chantler Kent Investments

Mission Statement

Our mission is to always treat our clients fairly, creating long term relationships of trust and mutual respect

Chantler Kent Investments have developed a reputation for bespoke, expert, independent financial advice to both companies and individual clients. Our specialist teams provide a professional and friendly service which focuses on your financial objectives.

Our tailored approach ensures our chartered advisers, financial advisers and paraplanners take time to understand our clients' long-term goals and assist them in meeting your future financial objectives. Chantler Kent Investments are independent financial advisers and are therefore free to explore a broad range of products and services.

Whether it is investment advice, retirement planning, inheritance tax planning or simply reducing monthly expenditure, we have the experience necessary to achieve the right solution for you.




Wealth Management

Wealth Management

CKI wealth management

The dedicated service offered by Chantler Kent is the planning around how you best use your resources to maximise your income and savings. We use cash flow modelling to identify your income needs both now and, in the future, looking at your proposed spending priorities. This then allows us to plan and build a strategy to invest your assets in the most tax effective way and where appropriate, the planning around legacy assets, protecting your family and future generations.

As part of this service we assess your attitude to risk, the prevailing tax opportunities and your requirements for income and growth. Following a review of your current financial position, aspirations and objectives, we then make our recommendations.

. Our service proposition includes the following:

  • Annual review meeting and interim updates from adviser or support
  • Unlimited telephone and email access to adviser
  • Valuation reports when required
  • Strategic updates to accountants and other professional advisers, supplying year-end taxation information, recommending suitable professionals as needs arise
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning
  • Taxation planning in conjunction with accountants and other taxation advisers
  • Discounted access to the market
  • Discounts that increase with the value of investments
  • A financial plan based upon your specific goals which are reviewed and updated regularly
  • Independent psychometric testing to ascertain client attitude to investment risk
  • Portfolio construction
  • Qualitative analysis of investment options across the whole of market
  • Cash flow modelling




Annual Review

Annual Review

Review Service

For clients who simply wish to have their investments monitored and reviewed on a long-term basis, we offer the following proposition:

  •  Annual consolidated portfolio valuation
  •  Annual meeting with an adviser to discuss and update your financial plan
  •  Rebalancing of client's portfolio
  •  Discounted access to the market
  •  Discounts that increase with the value of investments
  •  A financial plan based upon client specific goals which are reviewed and updated regularly
  •  Independent psychometric testing to ascertain client attitude to investment risk
  •  Cashflow modelling

Advisory Implementation

Advisory Implementation

Ad-hoc service

If you are looking for advice or assistance on a single issue, we can work on an ad hoc basis. This type of arrangement is more suitable for transactions rather than long-term financial planning.


Contact us

Contact us


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Chantler Kent Investments is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No. 158927



“Approximately 2 years ago, through Julian’s efforts, I consolidated 4 or 5 separate pension arrangements into a single plan.

Julian advised me to use a Standard Life SIPP as the best vehicle for that. Since that time, the fund has grown substantially, so much so that I have been able to take early retirement. Thanks are due to Julian for guiding me through the process in a straightforward and easily understandable fashion. I have recommended Julian’s services to a couple of friends who will hopefully enjoy similar results!”

Neil Willett - October 2017


“Before I met Julian I was very aware of the continuous and frankly confusing changes to pension regulation – but had little idea of what it meant to me and what I could do about it. Julian took the time to understand my existing portfolio and very clearly laid out the opportunities that presented themselves. I now have a much clearer picture on my finances and it has definitely made me well aware of the options I have in future. I have had no hesitation in recommending Julian’s services to colleagues and friends and I know many have also taken on his services.”  

Andrew Coutts - October 2017


I was first introduced to Steve Wright approximately 13 years ago through investing acquaintances and took out a full ISA. I have done likewise virtually every year and the fund has grown significantly - beyond expectations. The confidence I have in Steve and his professionalism has allowed me to take out a separate pension fund, to which I have consolidated several other pensions. His advice as I reach the seven figure tax ceiling within that fund has been invaluable.Furthermore, I have now taken out an investment account with Steve, secure in the knowledge that his detailed management of all three funds and their interaction will secure an early retirement for myself.

Neil Syson - October 2017


I have used Richard Gibbons as my financial adviser for more than 10 years. He has guided me through times when I was self-employed when I had a limited company and now that I am an employee.  Also, over a very tricky period in my life when I went through a divorce, with all the financial ramifications that were involved. At every stage, Richard has offered me clear explanations that have helped me to reach decisions about my finances and investments that I have subsequently been very happy with; so much so that I have now turned to him for advice on my widowed mother's investments.

Zosia Chustecka - November 2017


We needed a mortgage to buy our dream home and having just changed our income spread, we only had one year's accounts. James was knowledgeable and informative, and was able to acquire us a mortgage offer which was very competitive. His dedication and reassurance was most helpful in this stressful period and we will be back in two years to re-mortgage when our current fixed deal expires and we have three years of accounts!

Hugh & Rhiannon Cowley - April 2018


Dear Claude, This is just a quick message to express my gratitude for all your help in making sure I got my house (all you 24 hour availability and hard work and patience with me and my dad) I really appreciate everything.

Addie Akinwale - January 2017