We are all living longer and it makes sense to plan for those later years. Some people really look forward to the idea of simply stopping work, whilst others prefer a transition period where they gradually reduce their hours. Either way, it’s worth reviewing your finances and reflecting on some aspects of old age before reaching retirement. Our advisers can give advice on estate planning, paying for care fees, equity release and pensions to help you make the most of those golden years.

Equity Release

To release equity from your property in later life we use Lifetime Mortgages. This involves taking out of a mortgage secured against the value of the home. There are no monthly repayments and interest is rolled up over the life of the loan and repaid upon leaving for long-term care or death, at which point the property is sold and the lender repaid. Interest can be fixed or capped. One aspect is that the loan can increase as interest is added over time to greater than the value of the property, although SHIP's member schemes offer a no-negative-equity guarantee.

This is a Lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.


A smaller property with fewer maintenance costs might be more suited to your new lifestyle and make both practical and financial sense. Investment of the released equity can sometimes be used to increase your income in retirement.


With careful planning, we can help reduce the amount of tax that your loved ones will pay on your estate through the use of gifts, transfers and tax-effective investments.


An annuity allows you to convert your pension savings into a regular, guaranteed income during your retirement. Knowing you will receive money each month to pay for your living costs can be reassuring and allows you to enjoy life a little more.

Lasting power of attorney

None of us knows what the future holds which is why planning ahead can bring peace of mind. A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to allocate authority over your future finances to those you love and trust the most.